Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy, happy holidays.

This time of year is jam packed with friends, family and traditions. A time I always look forward to. This year has been a bit different with Seattle being hit with the biggest snow storm of my life. In some ways you would believe it has made life more challenging but, for me, it forced a change to occur that really made this Christmas memorable. This year was a blessing.

Instead of the typical mad rush of working, shopping, holiday parties, and testing patience, everyone in Seattle was forced to take a break. The roads were bare of cars, shops abandoned, parties canceled. This meant, for us, more time with family. We spent two evenings at Mark's parents just having dinner, watching ironman dvd's and enjoying their company. I spent more time on the phone, talking with friends, catching up and making cards. I won't lie, we did get a bit stir crazy in the 550 square foot condo, but we will mention that another time!

My personal gift came early in that several times throughout the year I would say "I just need a vacation. A vacation where I can sit at home and just be." Well Santa was listening and I must have been a GOOD girl. I have not been to work in a week! Just been getting my workouts done, working on the new biz and hanging with the kitties and spending quality time with the family!

(Sienna says "Happy Holidays Folks")

We had to post pone our classic Christmas Eve of time with my mom's family due to the icy roads, but we were blessed with being able to see my dad's family, which we have not done in several years. It was a very valuable time with lots of food, crazy photos, and cookies that could last a lifetime...we have three tupperware containers full!

Distinctive holiday traditions were carried out:

Riding the ferry boat to Mom's...

(Seattle to Bremerton ferry)

Adorning Miss Molly in a christmas bow...

Beanies and socks= the best stocking stuffers....

(Please witness Mark's thrill in our matching reds)

(This is my 'Girls Next Door ' pose, just call me Kendra :)

And of course, thee unsightly holiday sweater....

Displayed by Mark's Uncle Jimmy whom had to make nonsense of my handcrafted Christmas cards (of which I did write 2009 on instead of 2008, it just shows my character!) He scored this article in our white elephant gift exchange, little did he know that I brought the gift, but that can be our little secret.


beth said...

That is the best white elephant gift I have ever seen! And for the record, homemade gifts/cards are my favorite. Ian's mom actually made the coolest box ever and this year I gave all sorts of soaps/candles/lip balm/etc. I am trying to perfect my baby powder for my shoes that don't make them smell like vomit, I almost have it down.

Shawn and Tracy said...

What a fun bunch! Looks like you had a blast and happy to hear that you found some down time for just training.