Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ain't Nothin' Stoppin' Us!

Maybe that is a bit from the truth, but we are living it up in this ice cold weather. Talk all week around town, in the news, EVERYWHERE was about the big snow storm today. it is. It has been coming down since 3pm and is still going strong....they are expecting some heavy wind storms tonight too.

Here is a bit what the week presented:
Wednesday: Schools closed due to snow....WAIT...there was no snow!
Thursday: Schools and the whole town CLOSED due to major snow. Tried to get to the pool and...CLOSED.
Friday: Made it into work, met with a couple people, then headed home. The streets are icy, all the hilly roads are closed. You can get a full run down from our cutting edge broadcaster Tracy. If the news wasn't about an accident it was about the upcoming storm.
Saturday: Had to figure out a way to get the long run in before the hysteria. So I met with some incredibly dedicated triathletes and ran around the Greenlake area and Woodland Park trails. Once again, in the snow. It was like running on the beach...just all bundled up!

(Karissa, myself, Natalie...other troopers included Elizabeth and Mark)

Then the craziness! 100% of the Seattle population had to prepare for "The Storm". I am the #1 procrastinator in the world....however take note.... that is how I operate the BEST. We headed to the grocery store. It was like trying to find parking at the University Village the day before Christmas. Determinately we made it inside. The carts were down to the bare bones, people were lining the aisle to get to the checkout. So once again, it became a race....I shop (reminder-that is what I do second best) and then Mark waited in the express line. 20 items and 45 minutes later we were breaking out the mittens and beanies to venture out into the start of the snowfall!

Over to the movie store, where it was MY turn to pick the movies. No comments please, I need anything to get me through that nearly 3 hour bike ride tomorrow, especially since I have run out of pre-recorded Girls Next Door episodes! Bike is on trainer, movies in hand, and all systems are a GO. If the power goes out, the ipods are charged and the phone will be off, I need to save the battery so I can chit chat after the ride.

Anticipating this snow disturbance has not been painless. I actually showered AND blow dried my hair in case of a power outage. I printed out all workout plans on training peaks in case of no internet, and then of course, had to do a little shopping on line. K-swiss is offering a fantastic deal to Ben Collins supporters (THANK YOU BEN, we saved $73 and as my friend Karissa above says "you have to spend $ to save $). I had some fun designing custom K-swiss sneakers with the NEW team colors for tnmultisports (website to be launched in January). Mark gets himself a pair for Christmas too:)
Here is to you and tonight and hoping that the big bad wolf doesn't not come blow our house down.


Lisa said...

The stores were crazy!

Are you training for more Ironmans this year? You rock!

It is a bummer that you had to cancel class today, but was a good call. The streets in front of my house are completely ice!

Have a good ride tomorrow!