Monday, December 01, 2008

Rocket, Turkey, Shark, Stuff...

Yes, Thanksgiving was long ago, but the events fly by this time of year, so just when you thought you had read everyone's thanksgiving post, you still have one more!

We had our fantastic friends Jill and Wayne's invite us over for our pre-Thanksgiving day festivities. They know how to cook, cater, and do everything in style, unlike our frequent bean and cheese burrito meals on the couch with a side of hot sauce. And of course there is always additional entertainment with our team mascot "Rocket". Sorry we extended our "quick casual meal, to well past 11pm". Rocket was ready for bed hours before we were ready to leave. But hanging out with your friends and family is what it is about and we really soaked it up. Thanks Wayne and Jill.

The next morning was filled with excitement for me, as day two of my new meds started. I ran 6 whole miles with no symptoms....AMAZING! That is what if feels like to be on the path to health. I finally enjoyed running for the first time in AGES. So on Thanksgiving I say "thanks" and appreciate that I am getting healthy. Although a long road, and many adventures ahead. I am able to get up and do the things I love to do!

Then we were off to the Webb home. I will not even start about how I cooked nada, zip, ziltch, ...but believe me, I did everyone a favor! Maybe next year I can work on my cooking skills, but as long as there is an ironman in the future...honesty tells me this will not be happening!

Mark's sister in-law made this creative, edible, centerpiece. Try to guess the makings. There are 6 food ingredients. And no guessing from the Webb family.

And the sharks tooth! Zack (Mark's nephew) has a few surgeries since our return from Kona, but we knew he would be strong and healthy following them. This shark tooth is a sign of his strength, and we were finally able to give it to him.

Since it takes longer to go home (up to 6 hours on a trip that normally takes 1.5 hours) than it does to fly around the world on Thanksgiving, my mom and I decided to do some shopping on Black Friday. Not sure about other cities, but in Seattle I have never quite seen this kind of picket line:

"Buy More Stuff".....

So our thanksgiving truly was a time of celebrating health, friends and family.


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Amost right...1 off!

LaVonne said...

mango instead of cantalope?

Teresa said...

hee, hee...I thought they were olives too, but they are dark grapes..tricky, huh?