Friday, December 12, 2008

lieto and training

I have been feeling stronger than ever and really enjoying training. Pain free, colitis symptom free, I had forgotten how good it feels to train. Not to mention run, I mean REALLY run! It has been almost a year. I have found such a new love for running that Mark continually is telling me to hold up, "pull in the reigns". It is still early. So I jump on the bike! I have everything I need for indoor training from the Garmin 405 (you can get one at Road Runner Sports) heart rate monitor, television, computer in sight, and a cat! Sienna and I are working hard. It amazes me how much she whines when I am doing an interval because she can not sit on the aerobars. She loves to give kisses too. Here she is being interrupted for a photo op. Gotta love her "The world's neediest cat".

The week has been busy with events nearly every night. Last night Chris Lieto spoke alongside with Peter Schmidt at Inewmed (my favorite place in all of Seattle). It was great hearing his insights on racing, nutrition, Base Performance, and the love for his family. Facebook you can see the video of his son running his first 5K, literally zooming past the adults. AMAZING! I have been using the Base Recovery, Amino Acids and Base Water for nearly a year now and it has really helped. I notice the biggest difference with the recovery pills. Basically when you stop taking them is when your REALLY recognize how sore you are from trianing. The recovery pills have helped me get ready for the next workout on the schedule. I am excited to try the salts.

Thanks for the great presentation and thanks for everyone that came, I really enjoyed talking with you!


Charisa said...

LOVE the cat training pic!!! :)