Sunday, October 26, 2008

Breakin' and Bustin' Out

It's that time of year that the season are a changing and things are breakin' out!!!

For starters the bike has been let loose. It is out! It immediately reminded me of my grueling ride in Kona when, as soon as I started riding it, the computer was asking for time and date. "Thanks bike, but I already have it so figured out I can ride cadence and mph off the top of my head". I got it fixed, it had to be reset. Maybe I should ride with two computers so this should never happen again. The bike got out on a little over 10 mile ride with the tri group....well they were running, but I think it still counts. In the meantime, the warm cycling gear was broken out and replaced in the dresser where the short shorts and skirts used to lie.

Here is Wagner (Mark's nephew) bustin' at the seams to get a photo!

The famous Uggs have officially broken free of the closest and are on my feet!

The warm chili dip and family time is getting going. We kicked last night off with hours of cards at the Webb's house. I ended up walking with a grand total of $1.40 (did I mention in nickels!). Parking money, the attendants love me!

I finally broke down and had to work out...the jeans were officially getting a bit too snug. I would have liked to wait three weeks, but it just had to be done. And it officially took me longer to get ready for the workout than it did to the workout itself. With so many visors to choose from it was a stressful to find the perfect match. I ran to the gym, yep, all the way, a whole 2 blocks! And did a little strength and core work, just a little.

And along with the cleaning I am officially breaking out the paint, along with the new paint hat. All a bit of home detox before the chaos of triathlon training season starts again.

And this is little Wagner, again. He is breakin' out new words daily!!! Before the only word was "ball", then all of a sudden within weeks he has an entire vocabulary, "juice", "Teresa", "daddy", "football", and the most important word he is saying below as the attempt to put him asleep is taking place "NO".

So as the fall season continues more and more things will continue breakin' out of the woodworks, not only in my house, but probably yours too!


Shawn and Tracy said...

I love that hat!!! I didn't even step inside the expo for souvenirs this year. I need to order something online for x-mas ;-)

Lisa said...

Looks like fun!! And cute uggs...I love pink!