Thursday, October 23, 2008


I think I may be ready to start working out again...or is my current behavior that of a "normal" person. I don't know. I have way to much energy. Not the obnoxious loud energy, but the can't sleep, lots of time, keep myself busy type energy. Literally all year I would long for a nap, just a few extra minutes of sleep (you can only hit the snooze button for 30 minutes, and it goes off every 5), just would beg to lie on the couch and do nothing. With Mark out of town and not fully in the swing of working mode. I find myself doing the wonderful house cleaning duties. I have a few behaviors that I am not sure are normal, or where I got them, but they work for me.

Starting with the laundry. Since Mark and I have been dating I have not touched the laundry...why would I want to mess up the process, right?! So here I am thinking...I will wash the sheets. Why would I wash the sheets when shopping is much more honey...we have new bedding!

Now I am stuck with more laundry though because as I clean out the closets there is the KEEP pile, the DO NOT KEEP pile, and the I am NOT SURE what to do with this so I will just wash it! The washer is going as we speak.

Our telvison holder (what others would call a media station) has been falling apart for years....why do I want to super glue, hammer and everything else in between when, while shopping, I found a NO tools required media system: I spent all of 15 minutes putting it together, where you know the Ikea ones can take forever! Hope you like it Mark, the cats do!

So then I was left with organizing all my books (Magical Running, Anatomica, Exercise Physiology, Dare to Win, Bike maps- I had three of Seattle, Nutrition for practically every sport imaginable) that had been in the old media system. I have no space left in this place. Then I remembered, the white cat (Brenna) has a hiding spot in my closet that just so happens to be where the coats hang. I hate it when she gets in there because it means more white hair on the black coat dilemma. Ahhh haa, perfect spot for all my books! I may hear a crazy scream when she decides to jump back up there.

I would love to take out all the trash I have accumulated with all this new decorating (cardboard boxes, wrappings, etc, old books and pamphlets). Did I mention I replaced the shower curtain too, I did not want to scrub that thing! BUT Mark knows where the key is and it can wait till Friday! And the bike box, well, it hasn't moved. Bike is still resting. Oh, and we are painting on Friday too:) Hope you like my twin sister/your new post ironman girlfriend. Welcome home Baby!


Shawn and Tracy said...

You are out of you mind!!! I really can't say anything because I am dealing with the same endless energy. Maybe we should run with the group on Sat ;-)

LaVonne said...

Ha! Ha! I decided to rip out the ivy in my yard after the last race of my season. I had so much time and energy I didn't know what to do with myself! So one month and 15 yard waste cans later I am finally done! Finished yesterday! Now what...

Teresa said...

Funny! It's like a major cleanse before we start all over again!

Teresa said...
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MARK said...

funny stuff. I am sitting in metting in San Diego and I get a text from Teresa "read my blog" I slide down in my chair, pull up the blog, try not to let everyone see me laughing silently in the corner!!! I landed at 12pm today, T and I did lunch, picked up paint schemes...and now she has been sleeping for 3+!!! OLD T IS BACK :)