Monday, October 13, 2008

My Race Day In Photos.

Things have been busy since race day. And I am still "soaking" it all in. So as you wait for the race report I would like to share the day in photos with you!

The alarm went off at 4am, but this wasn't too bad since I did my best to stay on Seattle time. So really it was like 7am. Mark made me a pancake breakfast.

We arrived and went through a huge, yet super organized process, of body marking, bag check in, etc. They stamp your numbers on here, that was a first for me.

The Start line was and imaginary line between this floating Ford and a HUGE Gatorade blow up.

The port-o-let lines! Perfect photo op!

630 am. The sky divers are coming!

3 jumpers! Imagine jumping out of the plane and then racing an ironman. 2 of the jumpers did just that. One of them is a Navy Seal. We ran into him today (day after the race) and he did a 15 mile run to "loosen up"! I could barely get out of bed:)

645am. The pro start...a little over 100 competitors, so just multiply the swimmers in this photo by 16 for a visual of the 7am amateur start.

8:03 ish, I started the bike.

The Culprit! This is the staple that decided to hop right into my tire! We tried to be nice to all the Gods of the Island since we arrived. Not sure where we made a mistake.

2:30 ish. I started the run.

Here is John, my savior on the bike, he came back with a strong marathon time of 3:45.

4:50'ish. Tracey finishes with a Kona PR!

There is writing on the streets and Mark noticed my name. Dr Brian Perry from inewmed who was volunteering in the medical tent, left me (and Chris Lieto) a little message. I was so suprised!

6:15 ish. Athlete #1598 finishes. (I can't seem to download the footage, well actually I don't know how from Quicktime 7 Pro)

My star struck moment, with a girl who can change her flat faster than me. (I didn't know she flatted last year in the same place)

Post race I shuffled back to a hotel we got for the day, rinsed and was back to the finish line for the final two hours of the event. Burnt, racoon eyes, and exhausted. I know it looks like we are just posing for a picture, but my mom is really holding me up:)

7am. The next day! Not looking good at all...but had to share with you that a little something full of calories was waiting for me in the fridge.


Jeff said...

You should be very proud of your acomplishment. We are.

You really didn't get Stadler's sponge for Thomas did you? That's just creepy.

beth said...

I love the pics! This cinnamon roll everyone talks about looks amazing...

Meggie Foust said...

Did you ever know that you're my hero? Everything I would like to be....

You are such a rockstar! Congrats!

LaVonne said...

Congratulations Teresa! Thanks for posting the pics! I assume the staple caused you to flat? That stinks. I got my first flat in 9 years of racing last month at Grand Columbian. Bad karma, I guess! Next year - PR with no flat!

Natalie said...

Congrats Rock Star!! We're all so proud of our superstar athlete. I can't get enough of the blog T$, I want, I need details!!
PS - party on Nov 1/ my downtown condo Nat

LaVonne said...

And your mom is looking soo skinny! Go Robyn (or Robin, I can't remember the spelling, sorry!).

Shawn and Tracy said...

Congrat's girl!!! Although you may not have crossed the line when you wanted you still crossed it. Many people would have thrown in the towel when faced with trouble. You showed true character and got the job done no matter what you faced. I'm proud of you and can't wait to have a dessert date together ;-)