Sunday, October 12, 2008


What a day! This was by far the toughest race mentally and physically of my life. I consumed more salt water than any could imagine. My triceps were getting sore from the death grip on my bars from the crosswinds and the 25 minute flat tire (I timed it) at mile 95 allowed for the additional sunburn. I have the the straps from my helmet across my face! I owe my life to John Bergen for actually stopping to help me out (15 minutes) with the flat. A gesture that saved me, kept me from crying, and truly showed what a great person he is. He just asked for coffee! Chrisse Wellington's teammate threw her a tube too! It just confirms the benefits of having a team. I am happy with my time with the conditions at hand. I learned a lot, made a lot of mistakes, and will be back for more...someday! I was no where near my goal, but it is the Ironman! I have lots of photos and much to report...that will follow. Thank you for all you texts, messages and for spending your Saturday following me online. I thought of you everytime I wanted to walk. Off for some fun!


beth said...

Congrats again - I am so proud of you! So excited to have you come back and fill me in on all the details.

Natalie said...

Congrats T$. Shawn and I watched you run across the line last night and cheered you on all day. Save all of the details for the party when we can hear min by min details!