Thursday, October 09, 2008

Busy, yet quiet day in Kona.

Our photo in the energy lab, taken by mom who did the run too.

Today has been very relaxing. With an early wake up, breakfast at Lava Java and then back to the condo where I rested all day. Mark decided to take home the bigger sized cinnamon roll that I have had my eye on all week. He daydreamed about eating it all day AFTER the run in the energy lab. Unfortunately within minutes of him heating it up it ended on the floor. I think it was a sign that he needs to wait until I can have it too! I missed the underpants run, but saw some folks from the aftermath.

Below is Mark swimming in the ocean from the other day. We reviewed it when we got home for technique work.

As I rested and caught up on Extreme Makover and Bridezilla and a bit of visualizing, they went snorkeling. Mark described it as swimming in one big aquarium.

Then in around 1pm we went running in the energy lab where I got to try out my new Gracie's Gear sport top. My camera can fit in the pocket! I absolutely love it. I also had to practice running in my Rudy Project sun glasses, since I always just wear a visor. I will be wearing both for race day. It was definitely hot and I was soaked with sweat.

Then a little ice bath.

And now off to the pre-race briefing!

Oh yes, one more thing....many of you have been asking about my swim suit in the previous post, click on the Splish and order away! They are true to size and super comfy.