Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Leaving today.

Hi everyone. Just a quick update to let you know we are still super busy relaxing and having fun in Hawaii. We went to the awards banquet on Monday night that became an absolute nasty, "bloody" as Chrissie Wellington would describe it, downpour of rain. People were hiding under tables, wringing out their clothes, hobbling through the streets with 3 inches of rain on them. We tried to tough it out to listen to the winners speak, but the rain came down even more at that time. So hard that you could not hear a thing. We had to leave, as we were freezing at this point.

The next morning we went snorkeling and saw some beautiful fish and another sea turtle. Then we were out by the pool where I attempted to teach my mom flip turns. However, I learned a long time ago you can not teach family new skills :). Then last night we attended a luau where Mark and Chris had enough Mai Tai's to last them through the next year. And the coconut cake was amazing!

Oops, forgot to mention we went and watched cliff jumpers too. I was tempted, but after hearing a few "ouches" my mind quickly changed. I am sore enough from the race, let alone adding in blistering red marks and gashes from the lava rock. I will keep both feet on the ground for now.

I have done nothing exercise wise for days now and will be ready to get back in action when I return. In fact, I am doing the Girlfriends Half Marathon this coming weekend.

Yesterday was filled with sleep, food, sleep, food, massage, and more sleep. Pizza and Pasta dishes for dinner.

Today we are backing away...trying to fit it all in, under 50 pounds.

We are leaving here today, mid day. Will be in Seattle around midnight. I look forward to catching up with all of you and eventually I will get this race report out!


LaVonne said...

Girlfriends half marathon? Like you haven't had enough torture?!? It's gonna be cold too!

Shawn and Tracy said...

Hope your made it home safe. See ya soon.