Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tickets, Swims, and "What not to Wear"

Today was MUCH busier as more athletes are strolling into town. I am still on Seattle time so waking up at 6am has been easy. By 830 we were down on Alii Drive at the athlete expo getting volunteer packets for Mom, Chris and Mark who are all volunteering on Friday and Mark did some sweet talking in order to score some volunteer passes for the transition area on Saturday...all day! He is hoping to be my "bike catcher". Getting these tickets for him was like getting front row seats to the super bowl!

Next I did my work homework while I was away and swam in the endless pool. Absolutely loved it. There is a mirror at the bottom so you can see yourself, and I happened to notice I would get a tiny bit off balance when I would breathe to the left. It is a great learning tool. They film you too, so I have my own personal swim video. Todd does this mean my travel expenses are paid? :)

Then we were off to packet pickup. Mark had to wait outside and found himself another girl friend along the way. (Wayne this one is for you!) We will continue to play paparazzi so if you have any requests let us know, and of course, they will go to the highest bidder.

Following packet pickup I did a 30 min swim in the ocean where there were, not 1, but 2 sea turtles just swimming with all the triathletes. I remember last time we were in Hawaii we spent $100 a ticket to go watch the sea turtles waken and it was to cloudy to see them. I guess earlier that day there were a bunch of dolphins. I guess I should have gotten the water sooner! But Tracy made it in time.

I can tell you that this time a year in Kona is crazy...I have seen a bit more than I ever expected...Here is "What not to wear" anywhere but during Kona Ironman week!

#5. Compressions Socks. They are everywhere. Not just while people are training but at all times. I have never seen so many in my life. Mine have always been confined to my home. They are seen with skirts, dress shorts, you name it...even someone was even swimming with them!

#4. Speedos. I have seen more in the past few days than in my 10 year swimming career. Speedos are not just for swimming here, you see them everywhere too. The shopping signs say "no shoes, no shirt, no service". So I guess here in Kona, Tevas, a short shirt and a speedo are allowed. It is just a little odd standing behind someone with this attire on while shopping.

#3. Bikinis. People run down the Queen K in their bathing suits for training. Full bikini (not the athletic type) with running shoes! It would be like running down I-5 in your suit!

#2. Helmets. Come on...you would think by now everyone would have their helmet on, but for some reason people think they are invincible. You all know how I feel on this subject...so continue to where your helmets, even if the big wigs don't.

#1. And the number one thing of "what not to wear" is NOTHING. The world championships bring people from all over the world and well, in some countries, everything goes. As I was picking up my stuff form the Gatorade swim station and turned around and there was someone changing, with no urgency, nothin' on. Yikes! (sorry, no pictures of that:))

So as this comes to a close...let me share a picture of our new friend (nothing like my cats) but somehow this got into our condo.

Mark and Chris golfed today, while I napped and ran for a grand total of 15 minutes. Here is the picture from our condo over looking the golf course and the sunset.

P.S. The picture yesterday was Chrissie Wellington.


beth said...

Hilarious about what not to wear. BTW – that HSP swimsuit is sososo cute!

Stacey said...

I'm loving your blog - thanks for keeping us updated. Everything seems so exciting over there. And I love the swimsuit too....I may get one like that after all - does it come with your body? :)

LaVonne said...

It all sounds like so much fun! Except the racing part, that is. I hope you're not spending too much time out in the sun! I'm in DC for the weekend (my friend Deb from Nike Marathon in SF is getting married)so may not be able to track you. Good luck!

Connie said...

WOW Marko - Nice picture of Ficker!
You guys look great over there and looks like your having fun. Get lots of rest before this weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Webb, you are such a smoozer. Of course they only let you in because of Teresa. I have a request for the sponge that Normann Stadler uses. Actually anything he touches. No it's NOT as creepy as it sounds. Will pay big dollars$$ Go T go. Ride like you stole something.

Thomas said...

Me=anonymous. hit the wrong button