Friday, October 10, 2008

Final Prep for Race Day.

Picture this: Hundreds of people running the streets, Gatorade stations, Gu stations, Lava Java overflowing with people, athletes riding their bikes in their bathing suits. That is exactly what this morning looked like. You would think it was race day around here! I had to make sure it wasn't the 11th and that I still have one more day before the big day.

We went for a quick swim this morning where I was able to run into my coach, Kainoa, at the swim pier we swam together for a few minutes, but my 15 minute swim wasn't quite the amount she needed for a workout.

Living in Seattle we think we have it good with coffee shops on every corner, however, Hawaii may have just topped us! During Ironman week they have a boat on the swim course that you can stop and have your choice of a shot of espresso or nuun. Each day it moves in closer to shore so you don't have to swim as far for the reward. Fantastic marketing, but I don't think hanging out on cold Lake Washington in a boat sounds like much fun. Today they were also handing out swim caps.

I have spent the rest of the afternoon packing up the race bags. I have the blue seventy point zero ready to roll with the orange swim cap, along with my blue seventy time chip strap. I feel like I am packing for a month vacation all the thought it requires to make sure you have everything.

Thanks to Road Runner Sports I have my fancy new Mizunos ready to run. And thanks to Hammer Nutrition I have enough Hammer electrolytes and gu to keep me fueled, through Queen K, the lava fields and then the fantastic home stretch of Alii Drive.

And after a long day of contemplating aero helmet then regular helmet, back and forth, tears, you name it. I ended up going with the regular helmet for a few reasons.
1) Kainoa said I would probably net the time lost on the bike in the run due to not being so hot.
2) I did some research and less than 1/2 of the top 10 girls in my age group wore one last year.
3) Darn it, I am going to have fun out there and if losing a couple extra minutes in the bike is worth it if I can be smiling through the run.
So here you have it, my bike bag:

And talk about having fun or getting a sugar high: SPECIAL NEEDS! That is red bull in the flasks, the real kind, non of that sugar free stuff. Natalie knows what this can do to me:)

The crew volunteered ALL day for bike check in. There is a group of 20+ paparazzi watching you when you walk into transition. I thought they were rating my looks on a scale of 1-10. Legs, hair, eyes, single, etc. But really they were checking out our gear, type of bike, type of helmet, type of seat, wheels, etc, etc.

Mark's highlight was checking in Macca's bike...and believe me he soaked it up as Macca was asking him what he should do with his "sunnies" (meaning where should he put his sunglasses)!

I had a busy day of bike mechanicals, going to a few shops, but Bike Works here in Kona is AMAZING! They gave us a waterbottle with their address to make sure we know where to go next time. So when ever you are here remember Bike Works, Bike Works, Bike Works!

Now that we are home, I am just finishing up getting things together. Mom did my hair, Mark made dinner and I am lieing around wondering "what the heck" have I gotten myself into and what is tomorrow going to bring!

Thank you to everyone who is sending positive vibes my way, I know I am delayed in responding, but I am getting your messages and they mean a lot! I appreciate it and will definitely be thinking of you out there! And the little red notebook/picture book will be flashing through my mind too that the tri team put together. Thanks guys!


nclemdc said...

Good Luck Teresa! You'll do great!It's been awsome reading about the build up this week.


Stacey said...

Go Teresa!! You're going to do great tomorrow!! Enjoy your big day!!