Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Support, paparazzi, and cinammon rolls

My LIVE support crew has arrived. Mom and her boyfriend Chris got in and we greeted them with fresh lei's from the market we attended earlier.

We finally did our first swim...and for the first time I was throughly distracted in an open water swim. The whole way, not just from the beginning, you can see the bottom. Coral, schools of fish, colorful ones, big ones, beautiful sand, etc...I just wanted to swim with my head down and explore the ocean. See, I promised you all that those "no breath" drills really do serve a purpose. Good thing I have two more swims before race day to get all this excitement out of the way.

We also rode the queen K to the energy lab....we ride this route, but we run it too, so I wanted to check the mileage. 6.3 to energy lab, 5.0 from the left turn onto the queen K, then a super FUN six HOT miles in the lab.

And then on the drive to coffee and the airport this afternoon we played triathlete papparzzi! We found our very own, Tracey Robertson in her HSP gear (going the opposite way) . Then Natascha Badman...too fast for us to get a photo:), then see if you can guess the below? Mark actually got out of the car for this shot. She gave him a nice cheer and smile as she passed. (answer to come tomorrow)

And one last thing....can you believe he beat me too it....

Of course he did do a 13 mile run in the heat of the day...but can this be more torturous!
P.S. I got a bite:)


beth said...

OMG...that looks so delicious! Somehow smuggle some back to Washington :). Glad you had fun swimming today - I would be distracted too! By the way - I have no clue who the lady on the bike is...I am guessing Desiree Ficker?

Shawn and Tracy said...

So what your saying is I was beating Natasha right ;-) He, he LOL