Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Home Painting for Triathletes

Alright, I have spent all of yesterday trying to make up for a year of doing "nothing". Trying to be super girlfriend and painting my entire condo. Along the way I have learned a few things that I wish someone could have warned me of along the way. I made a few phone calls and asked several questions before starting this project, you know, the important stuff...do I need primer, what tools and equipment do I need, I researched colors. All great info and advice but seriously why did no one tell me of the truly important facts, like:

Computer + Painting= "NO"
You can not check facebook and paint at the same time. No one ever told me this! Paint on computer what do I need to remove that?

Painting IS exercise:
Do not workout the day before painting! My legs are so dang sore from my 3 mile run (seriously not recovered from ironman) that climbing up and down on chairs, on the floor, reaching, reaching, reaching trying to get every spot, does not work. Not to mention doing this all with a paint brush in your hand. I had paint everywhere (shhh!! don't tell mark I was able to hide all the evidence...I could have committed murder and no one would have known:)!

They make cat crinkle toys for a reason....cats love the sound. So why do they make floor coverings for painting crinkle! My cats were fully entertained in trying to climb under the covers, then chase each other and then have a hay day, as if they were playing in a sand box. Did I mention I was painting? Cat hair and paint....AGHHH!!

Saving $$:
Do not invest in a cheap paint brush. I spent more time trying to pick the little hairs off of wet paint than I did taping the walls. Or maybe the brush was falling apart because of my one of kind painting style.

I am a firm believer that you need to be confident. If you don't feel it, ACT it. However, the second you get confident in your painting skills the brush will tell you otherwise. I thought I could paint part of the room without the floor cover, before you knew paint splatter everywhere. Okay, then I thought I don't need to tape that little section...ooops, that called for a whole wall repaint. Can I ever get it right?

Unwritten Rule:
And the ultimate unwritten rule of painting: if you were asked to help and chose not too, then you have NO say in any uneven paint marks, paint on the floor, and paint splashes. It is my beautiful artwork.

And my final painting rule: this is not to be repeated to ANY potential home buyers!

My project is nearly complete, one more day, then maybe I will tile the floors (just seeing if Mark read this far).


beth said...

I love it. I tried to get Ian pumped about painting a year ago and he goes "what's wrong with the color now?". My response "I want a new color" didn't go over too well, so I just did it myself to try out (I only did the bathroom). I made so many mistakes...I am a horrible taper, but if you don't look too closely, it is a nice paint job. If you hop in the shower though and look at all my mistakes, yikes.

Shawn and Tracy said...

Fun times. I have a great picture in my mind of your cats chasing each other under the plastic floor cover. Oh to have been a fly on the wall ;-)

beth said...

Have you heard of that wood floor stuff that you just stick down? It took me a day to do it for my computer room


It was cheap & easy!

beth said...

That link isn't working - use this one: