Monday, October 20, 2008


Today I officially start the working, all over again. The reality of life! I feel like I have only been working part time for the last few months and now it is here. No more lying on the beach/pool, no more long training hours, not that I am the least bit tempted, and definitely no more sleeping in!

My first attempt at working out was a little ambitious, and well, a little dumb of me. My mom has been asking me all year to do the Girlfriends half marathon with her and her group of training partners. They title their group "just us girls". The race takes place in correlation with the Nike women's marathon in San Francisco that is nearly impossible to get into anymore. I warmed up the morning before the event and felt great. Needless to say this was the first time I had even put on workout clothes since the previous Saturday. I figured "I can do this", maybe a top 10 finish or so. The gun went off and I went a 7 min mile, a little quick, but not too bad, then a 7:15, then both knees hurt, those dang IT bands, then the hamstring. Oh, then the 3 mile marker came up, hmm...I wonder what my 5K time could be, then reality hit. Talking to myself....what the heck are you doing, you promised yourself you would do this slow, all these girls you are racing did not literally JUST do an ironman. I decided to stop. Waited for my mom, thinking, I can run with her. Uh, no! 10 steps of running with her there was absolutely no way I was going to finish this race with out an absolute hobble across the finish line, along with injuries and not walking for days or weeks, it really was not worth it.
Although my day wasn't great, my mom's was. She had a 30 minute half marathon PR in a time of 1:59!!! She is ecstatic.
Good thing I stopped when I did. My IT band on the left still hurts today, and my ankles hurt through the night. How does that happen. Okay, back to resting. I decided I may do the elliptical for a grand total of 10 minutes tonight. The bike well, it is still in hiding! Can you tell Mark tried to get me moving on it, he unbuckled a few of the straps!

Those are not my race wheels either to the right, they belong to Mark. Mine are really in hiding, in fact, someone could have stole them right out of the wheel case at the air port for all I know, I haven't checked to make sure they are there. So if you see any Zipp 404's (650 c) floating around town with the front wheel not very secure...they could possibly be the meantime, I guess I will open the wheel case in the near future.
The swim suit and goggles are still packed away since I have only spent two nights at home since the 4th of October. I guess I have work to do around the house too.


Mark said...

Actually...I attempted to put Teresa's bike back together...but I decided she would have tore it apart and redone the entire thing.

beth said...

I can't believe you tried to run a half marathon after the Ironman World Championships! Really glad you didn't hurt yourself more. Your pictures look like you guys had so much fun back in Hawaii. I want to go next year just to watch the race!

Shawn and Tracy said...

Ok Dr.T recommends one more week of rest before returning back to any form of physical activity crazy girl. It is called off season for a reason ;-)