Sunday, October 05, 2008

We made it!

Things have been busy but we have arrived! Mark has landed his first steps on the Hawaiian Islands.

We checked out the swim start (it almost always looks this busy) and we will do our first swim tomorrow morning so I can experience the Blue Seventy point zero for the first time. And to recall how it feels to swim in the ocean.

We found this sign. An actual street sign to show you the beginning and end of the event?!

We ate at the famous Lava Java. There is a cinnamon roll there I am dying to have.....after the race:)

We biked with the Lifesport coaching crew, who invited us to join them yesterday, who drove a group (including pros Katya Meyers and Haley Cooper) up to the last 20 miles before the turn around where we cycled to Hawi and back . 40 was hot and well worth the practice ride. Very beautiful too. And the crosswinds...well...just believe what everyone tells you about them...they are right!

And then we had a late lunch/early dinner with this amazing view!


Stacey said...

Hi Teresa. How exciting - Kona AND a new blog. Thanks for sharing - it looks like you're already having a great time. Tell Mark Hi and have a great swim today.